The path of Love and Peace

The path of Love and Peace
by the Master -, through Benjamin Creme

Fortunately for man, he is never left without help when it is needed. However
difficult the circumstances, however great and grave the dangers which he
faces, of one thing he can be sure: he will never be abandoned by his Elder
Brothers. Time after time in men’s long history, when all seemed lost and the
future of man perilously unsure, Our succour has been forthcoming and the
forward path of men restored once more. So it is today at this tumultuous time
when men stand in a maelstrom of warring forces, unsure of the next step and
all but overwhelmed by the enormity of the task ahead.
Emerging from Our ancient retreats, We redirect Our thoughts and steps to aid
Our struggling brothers. To show, by example, that all is not lost, that
another, and better, way exists for men to organize their lives; that unity and
happiness come from justice and freedom; that sharing is the natural action of
unity and the simple answer to all man’s woes.

Men must desire the gift of Wisdom We have to give. The Great Law does not
allow its imposition. Thus do men require to look clearly at the dangers which
beset them, and so make their decision and choice.
That men need guidance is beyond dispute (though many would deny that this is
so or possible to find) and this guidance will Maitreya, Himself, offer to men
for their consideration and wise counsel.
Responding, men must see themselves as One. The old barriers to freedom and
justice must be discarded; all must share in the Earth’s bounty; all must learn
the language of trust. Planet Earth, our home, must be nursed back to health,
its air, soil and waters purified, made safe again for man.

These are the urgent requirements for the stabilization of the Planet and the
health of its inhabitants. Once adopted, there will be no return to the
disorder of the past. Man will part company with poverty and war, exploitation
and cruelty, corruption and injustice. Men will emulate their Elder Brothers
and walk the path of Love and Peace.
See this time as the time of Decision. All rests on man’s response to
Maitreya’s counsel. We, your Elder Brothers, are neither anxious nor
complacent. We know the enormous task that faces both Maitreya and men. We also
know how to read the Signs of Life and are not afraid. Be you who read this not
afraid but spread abroad the fact that the Restoration of Earth is at hand,
that the iniquities of the past are fading and with them the old ways of
governance. A new Guidance is here to show the way for men, an ancient but ever
new Guidance to take men to the Mountain Top.

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Questions & Answers (With Benjamin Creme)
Q. You say that nuclear fission energy is dangerous and that fusion is not. In
Japan there is a facility for fusion experiment and it is said that fusion is
A. There may well be experiments on nuclear fusion, there are in many places in
the world, but so far no one has come up with a device which in commercial
is worthwhile developing. There is a process, still to be discovered, which is
inexpensive and safe, using a simple isotope of water.
Also, and this is criminal, there are instances where a certain fusion process
has been developed and bought by the nuclear fission authorities and is sitting
on a shelf, or in a safe in that institution, awaiting development – which will
never happen because it would interfere with the millions of dollars which are
being generated for some people by nuclear fission.
There are also many plans for cars which do not need petrol which are sitting
in the safes of the great automobile manufacturers until oil runs out.
Our planet Earth is limping, ailing, through space. From our misuse of
resources, from the insane competition between the nations, we have rendered
our planet sick. The restoration of the health of our planet must become our
number one priority after the saving of the starving millions.
The worst pollution poisoning everything – the waters, the air, the rivers,
seas – is nuclear radiation which we cannot even see or measure. We build
nuclear reactors around the world but our scientists cannot see the effects of
their ignorant actions. The instruments which they have to check and measure
the radiation are crude and cannot register the higher radiation. They
recognize only the dense-physical plane but there are seven levels of matter.
Above the dense-physical plane there are four planes which are etheric, but
which are still matter. Our scientists cannot measure beyond some levels of the
dense-physical plane, so crude are their instruments, while the worst effects
radiation are on the four highest planes. The growing incidence of Alzheimer’s
disease at a younger and younger age is a direct result of this pollution. We
have much to learn. A new humility is very much in order.

Q. Was the large-scale and very public anti-terrorist operation in London on 3
June 2006 in response to a genuine threat or was it largely for propaganda
A. It was not done for propaganda purposes but neither was it a genuine threat.
The police of course have to react to every bit of so-called ‘intelligence’
receive, from whatever source, but in this case they do seem to have

Q. The film The Da Vinci Code has just been released. In Leonardo da Vinci’s
famous painting of the Last Supper there are said to be hidden codes. (1) Is
this true? (2) Is the person next to Jesus Mary Magdalene? (3) Did Jesus and
Mary Magdalene have a child?
A. (1) No. (2) No. John. (3) No. The Da Vinci Code book and film are pure

Q. Can children experience the Blessing on the Day of Declaration?
A. On the Day of Declaration all people above the age of 14 will hear
Maitreya’s words in their minds in their own language. It is not a question
that younger children cannot experience His Blessing – on the contrary, but it
is more a question of whether their minds can take in and relate to His

Q. In 2004, Shankaracharya of Kanchi (South India) was arrested and charged
with murder. To protest against his arrest, Muslims and Hindus were united in
marching. Some Hindu monks say there is fear of ‘trial by media’. (1) Behind
the case of Shankaracharya’s arrest, are there any politicians’ conspiracies to
get their own benefits using police force, as with the case of Swami
(2) And furthermore, behind this sequence of plots against spiritual persons is
there the force of the so-called Black Lodge? (3) Are the targets mainly Hindu
spiritual leaders, because Maitreya is now teaching in Hindu temples in London?
A. (1) Yes. (2) No. (3) No. The attacks on spiritual leaders in India come from
secular, right-wing groups who believe they are creating a ‘modern’ India no
longer being influenced by ‘superstition and religious corruption’, which, they
believe, has held India back in the past.

(The following questions and answers were transcribed from a lecture by
Benjamin Creme at Friends House, London, in November 2005.)

Q. A criticism I have heard of Sai Baba is that he does cheap magic tricks. I
have met a lot of his followers who have these really cheap looking rings. He
says he takes gifts from the elemental fields.
A. The higher you are the more people want to bring you down. You can’t get
higher than Sai Baba. Those who are against Him want to bring Him down. He has
no need to buy cheap rings, He can make them without effort. For Him it is not
a miracle. The person getting it is breathless, because they have a cheap
little ring made by Sai Baba.
Audience member: My criticism is He is taking gifts from the elemental field.
But you don’t know if He is not putting it back!

Q. Why do we have to wait to see Maitreya? Not everyone can wait for this to
A. You will have to wait because there is a moment which is the best possible
moment for Maitreya to appear and that moment He will choose. You have to trust
Him. That is the thing. People don’t have the trust. You have no one else to
Questioner: I trust myself!
Trust yourself? All right, change the world, make everyone happy tomorrow! You
can’t do it. You have to trust the World Teacher to help us, because He is so
wise, the Lord of Love, embodying the Love of God. If you can’t trust Him to
know the best time, who else can you trust? Trust and relax and don’t be so
Questionner: That is my nature!
I know it is your nature! But your nature is your conditioning, you see.

Q. Set against the past destructive tendencies of the UK government, recent
pronouncements seem to be in line with Maitreya’s priorities, in terms of debt
relief, the Commission on Africa, etc. Could your Master give an assessment of
the state of consciousness of the nation?
A. The British nation, according to my Master, is one of the more advanced.
Audience member: We all know it!
It may be known in a way which is not true, and not known in a way which is
true. That is the point. The differences are minuscule, however, but there are
three old nations, which, because of their age, are somewhat more developed
than others. They are Britain, France and Japan.
Audience member: Germany!
Germany is a very young nation. It is a very old people, but as a unified
nation it is young. The fact that it looks as if the Western powers are at
least focusing their attention on Africa, relieving some of the debt and some
of the worst conditions of the day-to-day life of a lot of Africans, while
nothing like enough, is a sign that they are beginning to respond to the
energies of Maitreya. These energies have been pouring into the world for at
least 25 years but it takes time to absorb and then act on them. At last,
humanity has absorbed enough, the old patterns have disintegrated enough, to
allow a new outlook and initiative which is being brought forward, mainly by
Gordon Brown, the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the UK.

Q. Could you please help us to know how to approach Lord Maitreya to influence
us to do the right thing in our own sphere?
A. We have a photograph of the ‘hand’ of Maitreya. Get a copy of that ‘hand’
and invoke His help. Look at the hand and ask Him through the hand. Ask
Maitreya whatever it is you need help for. That is all you need to do if you
want help.
Audience member: I had a pain and I put my hand on the ‘hand’ and within five
minutes it was over.

A Recent Mailout taken from the Share International website

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